When it comes time to make a car purchase, then chances are that you’re searching for the most reliable used cars in Missouri. At Machens Auto, you’ll find a vast selection of vehicles online and onsite to browse and choose from. If you’re interested in our used cars for sale, then stop by a dealership near you and talk to our sales team. We’ll help you choose new, used, and certified pre-owned models that fit your budget. Are you unsure if you want a used car or certified pre-owned (CPO) vehicles? Find out why some car buyers prefer the added protection of a CPO model.

What is a certified pre-owned vehicle?

A CPO vehicle is a certified pre-owned car that meets specific standards, undergoes rigorous inspections, and provides additional coverage. Not all used cars for sale near Jefferson City qualify for certified status. Our trained technicians conduct extensive investigations on a vehicle, including a road test, to make sure that a certified car tops the list of the most reliable vehicles. Along with an inspection that looks under the car, the hood, and even checks the mechanical and safety systems, you’ll get a slew of added benefits.

Extra benefits of CPO

Many certified pre-owned models offer additional warranty coverage. This means that once the original warranty runs out, then you’ll be able to extend this coverage for a longer length of time. This helps ensure that your car holds its resale value and that you’re protected against unexpected issues. Certified pre-owned cars usually include 24-hour roadside assistance, along with other perks. Check with your local Machens Auto dealer to discover the specifics of the model you’re looking at.

At Machens Auto, we know that it can be nerve-wracking when searching for used cars for sale. We aim to simplify the process with transparent pricing and accurate information. Stop by one of our locations and find out why customers consider our cars the most reliable used cars in Jefferson City.