Are you gearing up for the chores of spring? Let Machens Auto take care of your car’s seasonal maintenance. With the grime of winter clogging up filters and sticking to brake pads, you may not even realize that your car isn’t performing at peak performance. Our Columbia MO car dealership provides regular inspections and services to ensure that you’re driving the most reliable used car. Spring into a new season by getting your vehicle in fantastic shape inside and out.

Clear out the dirt and grime

The sand and dirt from rough road conditions clogs up the moving parts in your vehicle and contributes to small scratches on the surface of your car. Start with a deep clean of your vehicle including your tires. Then pull out the floor mats and vacuum your flooring and upholstery. By making seasonal spring cleaning a habit, you’ll help your car’s resale value as well as get a feel-good feeling over that new car smell.

Regular service for the most reliable used cars

Beyond the essential oil, fluid, and filter changes, seasonal care for your vehicle means a thorough inspection. Our Columbia MO car dealership provides all the services to keep your vehicle in top condition. We’ll examine your battery and clean off the grime around the connections. Plus, we’ll inspect your A/C unit in prep for hotter weather. We also take a close look at your tires for wear and tear. After a severe winter, tire rotation is often needed.

Schedule service at our Columbia MO car dealership

With convenient hours and service deals, we make it easy to keep your car maintained. Our Columbia MO car dealership also offers the most reliable used cars in Missouri. By getting expert care for your used car, you’ll extend its life and keep it running efficiently. Give the Machens Auto service center a call and make an appointment today.